Pantophlet Lab part of $140M government funding commitment to equip Canada for future health emergencies and enhance capacity

On May 6, 2024, the Government of Canada announced a $140 million investment to support Canada’s Immuno-Engineering and Biomanufacturing Hub (CIEBH). Led by the University of British Columbia, this initiative includes over 50 partners from academia, industry, non-profits, and the health sector.

This funding will drive four crucial projects to speed up the development and production of life-saving medicines for British Columbia and Canada. These initiatives aim to help Canada respond quickly to future pandemic threats and address significant health challenges.

The CIEBH projects are part of a broader strategy by the Government of Canada to strengthen the domestic biomanufacturing and life sciences sector. This effort ensures the country is ready for future health emergencies.

The Pantophlet Lab is thrilled to be part of the PROGENITER (Pathogen Response Optimization by GENeratIng ThErapeutics Rationally) project. PROGENITER received $14.46 million in research funds from the Canada Biomedical Research Fund Award and $16.40 million in infrastructure funds from the Biosciences Research Infrastructure Fund Award.

Read the Government of Canada announcement here [PDF]

Read the full CBRF-BRIF results (stage 2) here [PDF]