Andrii Yevchuk

Andrii Yevchuk, Postgraduate Student (Freie Universität Berlin)
MITACS Globalink Research Intern (2024)


As a current pharmacy student at Freie Universität Berlin in Germany, I am completing my research internship through the MITACS GRI program in the Pantophlet Lab. Here, I contribute to research on improved influenza vaccines by designing, eliciting and probing antibodies with broader and more effective protection. This experience supports crucial vaccine research and deepens my skills and understanding of immunology and virology, reinforcing my background as a future pharmaceutical expert.

Other Interests

I enjoy experimenting with new sports in my free time, with archery being my most recent interest. Growing up near the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine fostered my love for nature, and Canada’s landscapes offer unique outdoor experiences. Fluent in four languages, I am passionate about translation and have been actively contributing to the media project Ukraїner to connect Ukrainian culture with German-speaking readers. Additionally, I find joy in mobile photography, capturing and appreciating the beauty of everyday moments.