Angela Omrani

Angela Omrani, BSc (Simon Fraser University)
Graduate student (2024-present)
BSc Honours (2024)


I am a Beedie Luminaries Scholar and 4th-year student at SFU majoring in molecular biology and biochemistry, with a minor in biological sciences and a certificate in genomics. My journey through undergraduate studies has been distinct from that of many of my peers, sculpting a resilient and adaptive character within me. I am excited to pursue Honours research in the Pantophlet Lab on profiling antibody responses to a germline-targeting HIV vaccine immunogen in a human-antibody transgenic mouse model. I am passionate about research and hope to pursue graduate school in the future.

Other Interests

In my spare time, I’m dedicated to learning and developing new skills. One of my current pursuits is learning Italian, which I find quite enjoyable. Swimming is another activity I’m passionate about; it’s my preferred method for relaxation. Additionally, I take pleasure in cooking, especially when it involves experimenting with various recipes and flavors.