Diana Yang

Diana Yang
FHS Dean's Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) Recipient (2020)


I am pursuing my BSc Honours in Biological Sciences, keen to explore world health and disease and further develop my research techniques. I am particularly interested in immunology, human disease and public health, and aim to make connection in the health science research field. My long-term goal is to enter graduate studies in the health science field. I am excited to be part of the Pantophlet Lab and contribute to ongoing research on biased recognition of flu hemagglutinin by precursors of broadly neutralizing antibodies.

Other Interests

I am interested in the intersection STEM has with pop culture, art, film, social media, fashion, and food. I love to visit museums and art galleries, and seeing the influence science has on more creative expressions. I also enjoy painting and collaging in my free time; plants are a huge influence on my own painting style! You can find me watching movies, exploring nature, or trying new food in our lovely city.