Jean-François Bruxelle

JF Bruxelle
Jean-François Bruxelle, PhD (University Paris-Saclay, Paris-Sud)
Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2021)


I have mastered skills relevant to vaccine research as part of my past academic training, which has led to a great interest in host-pathogen interactions. My project in the Pantophlet Lab allows me to continue studying the induction of effective immune responses. The target is a conserved patch of oligomannose-type glycans on the HIV envelope spike; the host origin of these glycans poses a significant challenge to vaccine design. I am probing whether bacterially derived oligomannose mimetics can more readily trigger the desired anti-glycan neutralizing antibodies.

Other Interests

My main hobbies are drawing and photography. I combine these two passions during my free time when I hike and visit new places. I am also very interested in history, economics and geopolitics; understanding our world and our society is very important to me.