Sophie Fu

Sophie Fu, MSc (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth)
Research Assistant/Intern (2019-2020)


I am tremendously excited to be a member of the Pantophlet Lab. I previously worked as a Research Associate at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc in California before moving to Vancouver with my family. I have extensive hands-on experience with mammalian cell culture, protein purification and numerous bio-analytical techniques. I am delighted to be supporting the Pantophlet Lab’s glyco-immunology work on utilizing antigenic mimicry to elicit HIV-neutralizing antibodies to oligomannose sugars. I also look forward to learning more about the group’s other objectives and to making contributions to those objectives as well in due course.

Other Interests

I have many hobbies, such as hiking, running, and swimming, but I enjoy cooking the most. I love preparing tasty nutritious food for my family and enjoy seeing them eat it all up 🙂 My favorite things to cook currently are pasta and cake!