Kurtis Ng

Kurtis Ng
Kurtis Ng, MSc (University of Alberta)
Research Assistant/Tech 3 (2023-present)
Research Assistant/Tech 2 (2020-2023)
Research Assistant (2019-2020)


My past research experience has solidified my passion for antiviral research. As a member of the Pantophlet Lab, I have had the opportunity to develop a wide range of laboratory skills, including flow cytometry, protein purification, and mammalian tissue culture. These skills have allowed me to contribute to ongoing research projects and make meaningful contributions to the lab’s efforts to design more effective vaccines against viruses such as HIV and influenza.

In addition to my primary research responsibilities, I play an important role in mentoring and supporting other members of the lab. As a research-experienced lab member, I am able to guide and assist less-experienced lab members with their research work, providing them with the knowledge and support they need to succeed. I take great pride in helping others and fostering a positive and collaborative environment within the lab.

Other Interests

I am an easy-going and cheerful individual with great love for nature and travelling. I enjoy hiking, kayaking and skiing when on vacation. In particular, I love spending time with my family and friends meandering along a nice easy trail where relaxed and delightful conversations can take place.