Tess Kirilenko

Tess Kirilenko
Tess Kirilenko, BSc (Simon Fraser University)
Undergraduate Researcher (2019)
GlycoNet Summer Award Recipient (2019)


Some Gram-negative bacteria express lipo-oligosaccharides that mimic mammalian glycans. This mimicry is known to overcome B cell tolerance for host glycans. Our lab is exploring the utility of bacterially derived oligomannose mimetics for eliciting anti-oligomannose antibodies. My project is focused on identifying an adjuvant formulation with one of our lead glycoconjugates that best elicits HIV-neutralizing antibody responses.

Other Interests

Outside of the lab, my lifelong passion has always been competitive cheerleading. My favourite components of the sport are spending time with my teammates/best friends, attempting and perfecting new skills, and the adrenaline rush of competing. Other than cheerleading, I like to attend weekly trivia, visit craft breweries and bike around Vancouver when the weather is nice.